Each of theNext Door Neighborsprograms includes original music composed by two Nashville studio musicians, Shane Roberts and Kyle Jones. Azal Khan provides his recording expertise and use of his home studio.

Shane and Kyle usually record all the music for each program within 5 or 6 hours, which with instrument changes, and the time it takes to tune, mean many songs are first takes. The two musicians watch a clip of the documentary, we talk about the information being conveyed and they play.

The above clip highlights their contribution to the Next Door Neighbors series. As the Next Door Neighbors series producer, it’s always a pleasure to see how the finished music Shane and Kyle create heightens the production quality and experience of the documentaries. It’s pretty awesome to see it come together and I hope you enjoy the above clip.

The music Shane and Kyle perform layers additional meaning as the Next Door Neighbors series ultimately blends the strong musical traditions of Nashville, with the culture of our city’s newest Neighbors.