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A Time to Heal | NPT

Premieres Tuesday, June 28, at 7:30 p.m.

Bullying. Barriers to communication. The traumas of war. These are just a few of the challenges immigrants and refugees may face as they begin new lives in a foreign land. But far from being defeated, they often tap inspiring levels of resilience. Learn how several individuals in Middle Tennessee find peace of mind in activities that promote mental well-being.

Nashville Public Television’s Emmy® Award winning Next Door Neighbors series looks at Nashville’s status as a new destination city for refugees and immigrants, and explores the rich diversity of people now calling Nashville home. Across the United States, mid-sized cities like Nashville, TN are experiencing unprecedented growth in their international populations. Together these communities are redefining the traditional international city on a smaller local scale. As our new neighbors rebuild their lives in Nashville, their experiences, contributions and conflicts impact the city, but they are challenged by isolation and barriers unknown to many Nashvillians. How Nashville addresses its changing demographic will be important for the future of similar communities across the country.


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Next Door Neighbors was made possible by the support of

The Nissan Foundation
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