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Belonging | Next Door Neighbors

Chances are, we’ve all felt a little out-of-place at one time or another. We know the sting of rejection and the joy of acceptance. But how do these experiences shape our worldview and define our quality of life? In this edition of Next Door Neighbors, we examine the lives of several Middle Tennesseans who grapple with what it means to belong… to be foreign-born and still fit in. From Syrian Americans living in Murfreesboro to a Nashville DACA recipient originally from Mexico, Next Door Neighbors: Belonging shares the experiences of immigrants in a world where rules and attitudes are constantly changing.


Next Door Neighbors

Belonging | Next Door Neighbors | NPT

Rating: NR

We examine the lives of several foreign-born Middle Tennesseans,

Production Credits

Shawn Anfinson
Producer / Videographer / Editor
Kevin Crane
Executive Producer
Suzy Hence
Linda Wei
Will Pedigo
Paul Mojonnier

Next Door Neighbors was made possible by the support of
The Nissan Foundation