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Next Door Neighbors

Culture Shocks

Culture Shocks | Next Door Neighbors | NPT

Three Tennesseans who moved to the state from another country share what surprised them about the food, homes, and customs they encountered. They identify a range of bafflements from waving to fellow drivers on country roads to the presence of pet food in grocery stores or eating dinner at 5:30 p.m. The three discuss how over time, things that once seemed novel started feeling like part of home.

The Little Things

In this series we talk about the little things that stand out to people when they first move to the region, from another country.

A Tea Turning Heads in Tennessee (con subtítulos en español)

McDonald’s in the U.S. vs. Paraguay (con subtítulos en español)

A Lesson from Taiwan in Not Wasting Meat (有中文字幕)

Meals in the U.S. Versus Chile: Some Observations (con subtítulos en español)